American Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2020

  • Experimental Studies on Wear Resistance & Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Hybrid Composites (LM25/Al2O3/Graphite)

    Aritakula Venugopal Rao, Bangalore Srinivasamurthy Suresh, Hebbale Narayanarao Narasimha Murthy, Munishamaiah Krishna, Hirehally Mahadevappa Somashekar

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2020
    Pages: 1-11
    Received: 14 January 2020
    Accepted: 9 March 2020
    Published: 18 March 2020
    Abstract: This paper involves the fabrication of hybrid Aluminium matrix composite samples of different compositions using Stir casting technique and testing the prepared hybrid composite test specimens for analysing their wear and mechanical properties. LM25 Al alloy was used as matrix material reinforced with constant 9 wt.% of Al2O3 with particle size of ... Show More
  • Preparation and Properties of Flame Retardant ABS/POK Alloy

    Wangping Qin, Jingfeng Fu, Xiaoyun Yang, Nanbiao Ye

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2020
    Pages: 12-17
    Received: 9 March 2020
    Accepted: 23 March 2020
    Published: 14 April 2020
    Abstract: Background ABS material has excellent mechanical properties, but its solvent resistance is poor. Acid solvents are prone to cracking, which will affect the normal use of the product. Technical research is needed to improve this performance defect and solve the technical bottleneck of poor solvent resistance of ABS material, so as to meet the techni... Show More